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Upcoming Programs & Events

Pride Shabbat
Shabbat, Jun 10 10:30am


Tomorrow's Calendar

Daily Morning Minyan
: 8:00am
Introduction to LGBTQ+ Concepts and Belonging
: 7:15pm
Daily Evening Minyan
: 7:30pm

Friday Night

Kabbalat Shabbat
: 6:00pm
Candle Lighting
: 8:09pm

Shabbat Day

Shabbat Service
: 9:00am
Pride Shabbat
: 10:30am
: 9:18pm


Registration Now Open for The BeYachad Program! Click here for more information

This week's Torah portion is Parshat Beha'alotcha

Shabbat, Jun 10

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jun 9, 8:09pm


Motzei Shabbat, Jun 10, 9:18pm

Shabbat Mevarchim

Shabbat, Jun 17


Early Childhood Center - Play to LEARN!

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Click to play our video

Hebrew School Happenings

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Our Neighborhood Synagogue


Our programs of religious services, cultural events, and social functions are complemented by our commitment to social action and awareness of the community at large. Take a look!


We are proud to be the only synagogue in Rockland County with daily egalitarian services in the morning and evening. Whether you need to say kaddish or just want a place to pray, we are here every day.


Being a part of a community is not just about belonging to a group. It is about connecting with other like minded individuals who share common beliefs and purpose. Find a group that resonates with you.

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783