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High Holiday Times 5782 / 2021

Daily Minyan during Chol Ha Moed: Thursday, September23rd
Shacharit 8:00 AM - In-person or Zoom
Mincha/Maariv 7:30 PM - In-person or Zoom

Hoshanah Rabbah / Erev Shemini Atzret: Monday, September 27th
Shacharit 8:00 AM - In-person or Zoom
Candle Lighting 6:26 PM
Mincha/Maariv 6:45 PM In-person only

Shemini Atzret: Tuesday, September 28th 
Shacharit (Yiskor is said) 9:00 AM - In-person or Livestream
Minyan Katan 11:00 AM - Outdoors, In-person only

Erev Simchat Torah: Tuesday, September 28th
Mincha/Maariv/Hakafot 6:45 PM Outdoors, In-person only
Candy Apple Bar 7:00 PM Outdoors, In-person only
Candle Lighting 7:23 PM

Simchat Torah: Wednesday, September 29th
Shacharit (Hakafot) 9:00 AM Outdoors, In-person only
Torah Yoga 11:00 AM Outdoors, In-person only
Mincha/Maariv 7:00 PM - In person only
Holiday Ends 7:22 PM

Book of Remebrance

The Book of Remembrance is now available for all to see. To view this years book, please click here


Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782