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Please join us for the Simchat Torah luncheon in honor of these two deserving people, Tuesday, October 18th following services. To make a donation in their honor, please do so below

Chatan Torah and Kallah B'raisheet

Chatan Torah Alan Backelman

My wife Wendy and I have lived in Rockland County for the past 56 years. We originally belonged to The Jewish Center in Spring Valley but when that folded we became members of New City Jewish Center.  I am happy to say that was a great decision on our part.

I was president of a plastics molding company for 50 years and enjoyed every  moment of those years.

My wife and I have three children, Michael, Barry and Beth.  We have the following grandchildren, Joshua, Mitchell, Noah, Jenni, Jake, Brett and Ryan.

My sister's name is Cookie. Her real name is Ilma and now you know why she is called Cookie.!!

I love playing golf although I do not play as well as I used to.

I have made many friends at NCJC and am very happy to be a member in good standing ( I hope!)


Kallah B'raisheet Rochelle Greenberg

Bill and I moved to Rockland County in 1973 and we very quickly found our way to New City Jewish Center. I had a very strong family attachment to Hadassah so I joined immediately. And where did New City Hadassah meet? At New City Jewish Center. And where did most of the friends I made there go to services? New City Jewish Center! As soon as I came here, I felt immediately at home. In the early days, when my children were small, I came to Shabbat services as often as I could. My career as a nurse in the operating room also limited my attendance. But when my Dad died in 1989, I became a regular on Shabbat and became a regular in my seat in Row K near the window.

Over the years, my family celebrated Simchas, and had its share of tragedies as well. Through it all the New City Jewish Center community has supported us.

When my Mom passed away in 2016 I was retired, so I had the luxury of attending Minyan every morning to say Kaddish for her. When the eleven months were over, I found that I couldn’t stop coming. The Minyan is a very special group and I found it filled a special need in my heart. Now it’s been six and a half years that I’ve been here almost every day. In the beginning I was just happy to come to pray. Then I started pouring the wine for L’Chaim for those observing a Yahrzeit. Then I stated calling the pages when I had to fill in. And this past December, right before all our Snowbirds were getting ready to go to Florida, I dreamt that even though every seat in the Karsch Sanctuary was filled, there wasn’t one person who knew how to daven. So I volunteered to overcome my reluctance to daven because I am a woman and I joined the ranks of Daveners.

I am very honored and humbled to be offered this very special Aliyah. I thank everyone here for being my family.

Chag Sameach.

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783