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Chatan Torah and Kallah B'raisheet

Chatan Torah Sam Greenbaum

I have been a pharmacist in the county for over 40 years. I service the community as well as long term care facilities throughout the state. I am a certified vaccinator and I was certainly put  to the test these past few months. 

I am a proud member of NCJC for over 35 years. My wife Debbie and I have a blended family of 4 wonderful children and 9 amazing grandchildren. 

It has always been a privilege to be of service to the local community. 


Kallah B'raisheet Nora Levine 

New City Jewish Center has always been a very significant part of my life.  Back in 1973, I was introduced to my husband, Norman, at an NCJC Purim carnival held in the Stop and Shop parking log, believe it or not.  My family had just moved into New City from Brooklyn and our first stop was NCJC.  Norman’s parents were founding members of NCJC.  We later married with Rabbi Henry Sosland z"l performing the ceremony and informing us that we were the first two members to marry.  I have two sons, Adam and Evan, who both attended Hebrew school and were Bar Mitzvah'd at NCJC.  I then joined the adults bat mitzvah class as well.

NCJC became the center of our social life.  Our family enjoyed meeting friends at seudah on Saturday afternoons.  Many good times were shared with good friends in the NCJC kitchen.  Norman and I both proudly held board positions throughout he years.

Many people know me as the community pharmacist in New City.  I actually began my career in the community as the first Kosher Pharmacist in Monsey!

Norman and I now greatly enjoy the time with children Adam and Michelle, Evan and Alex, and our grandchildren Sydney, Nathan and Jack.

Send a Message to our HONOREES, Make a donation to the Rockland Kosher Food Pantry in their name.

Fri, May 27 2022 26 Iyyar 5782