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My blog for September

Welcome to my blog

I hope you are not all shuled out by now but it was a very busy time for Men's Club.  With the holidays very early and the Labor Day weekend just a week ahead of the holidays our board agreed we would setup the synagogue the Sunday before  Rosh Hashanah started. We had a great turnout with our old timers and a lot of kids all pitching in. We converted the both the Langerman and Karsch in 1 hour and 38 minutes a new record.  I would like to thank all those who came down to help. We could not do it without you.

Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur went very well, we were a little light with our ushers but after all these years the members of the synagogue knew exactly what they needed to do and allowed the services to run very smoothly.

The Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur found our guys again hard at work, This time like the Israelites of old we had to build the massive Sukkah.  We were able to put up the frame and the canvas walls, but were not allowed to put the roof on until after Yom Kippur.  We had another time sensitive project scheduled for Sunday September 23rd, we had to put the roof on the sukkah and prepare it for our Sukkahfest. Our team again pitched in and got the bamboo roof on and all tied down in time for the decorating. I need to report you can get splinters from bamboo first hand. Next year bring construction gloves.  As our construction project completed the Sukkahfest was in full swing. What the Men's Club does best is a barbecue and we did it for over 200 people. A lot of fun and a lot of food. Thanks to Lara it was a tremendous event.

Our annual Scotch in the Sukkah was a good success if not a little wet, Rabbi Berkman selected for has topic the lowly esrog. I won't give away the entire presentation but I can report it is a fruit with origins in China.  Significant alcohol   was consumed, it was enjoyable and educational.

We tried something a little different for our kickoff. We did a tailgate party and watched a Giants Football game. The guys had a great time and ate hotdogs, hamburgers and consumed beer. What else do you do at a tailgate party.


Until next month




Men's Club


The NCJC Men’s Club Community Service Award will be bestowed annually to the eligible high school graduating senior candidate(s) who are judged to have submitted the best portfolio of service and can demonstrate via that portfolio that s/he has “made a difference” by his/her efforts. 
Download the application here. Good luck!


The Men’s Club of New City Jewish Center is a group of men of all ages who help serve the needs of the Jewish Center in a socially enjoyable setting.

Recent activities include:

  • monthly breakfast where we learn from educational speakers while enjoying a gourmet lox & eggs, bagel, cream cheese & lox breakfast with fellow congregants – men and women
  • learning and helping others put on tefillin at the same time as hundreds of other congregations worldwide
  • working to set up chairs and books for our congregation’s High Holiday services, and building our congregation’s succah.
  • annual service and oneg at West Point with the Jewish cadets
  • scholarships for entering college freshmen recognizing their service to the community
  • fundraising activities such as an annual wine sale
  • contributions toward special needs of the congregation and community
  • a “Hearing Men’s Voices” discussion group for men
  • a monthly business and planning meeting (This may seem dull, but the 25 to 30 men who attend each month have a great time.)
  • a retreat at a campsite to learn about leadership and experience outdoor religious services
  • a family ski day
  • a congregation tour of the Lower East Side.

We have been recognized by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs with a Quality Club Award for achieving the highest standards in participation and quality in our international, regional and local programming and activities. We ask that you join us and participate in our activities. If you have enjoyed our activities and find you have some time, you will find that your enjoyment is multiplied many-fold by volunteering to help out with the running or organizing of our events.


Please contact the current Men’s Club President for additional information.

Sat, November 16 2019 18 Cheshvan 5780